The Middleton Foundation is a private non-profit organization founded by John P. Middleton & Family.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help those in need by providing funding for medical assistance, access to clean water and education globally. We believe that these areas are vital for the development and well-being of society, that is why we strive to continue the spirit of philanthropy that has been passed down through every generation. 

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to make a positive impact on the world through strategic donations, starting close to home and moving around the globe. We want our work to fund field-changing research and to give first-time entrepreneurs the tools to rewrite their futures. This kind of change requires a willingness to take chances, and take them often.

our commitment

Our operations are guided by a set of policies relating to grant making, geographic focus, spending, investment, management, governance, and professional standards. In all our investments and budgeting, our highest priority is making sure that our grantees have the resources they need to address today’s most pressing challenges. Our well-established partnerships in the countries where we work, and a strong understanding of local contexts, help us create the most meaningful impact and help the people that need it most. We partner with organizations that have proven leadership, and exceptional nonprofits who are bold enough to not only change the world—but reinvent it.

jpm companies

Diversified investment company focused on finance, real estate, technology & entertainment.

Phillies Retro Logo

middleton foundation

Philanthropic organization with the goal of building an enduring legacy through charitable giving to those in need.

affleck-middleton project

Strategic partnership between John P. Middleton and Casey Affleck for Film & Television development.

middleton media GRoup

Flagship Media, Entertainment, Gaming, Sports & Finance company founded by John P. Middleton.